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Introduction to the Mil Mi-14 AI for HeliTraffic2009

(by Hannes Von Der Heide)

It started all when I needed frame-rate friendly AI Mil Mi-8 Helicopters for my Engels-2 Airbase rendition (now under Beta-testing). There are two Mi-8 versions on the net: The Mi-8 by Vladimir Zhyhulskiy, which is infact a beautiful flyable helicopter, and an AI version by Dmitriy Shnurov. Since the first one is a flyable version it lacks take-off and landing animations and has a big impact on frame-rate, the latter did not land as desired, it hovered over the runway and taxiways and even on parking point it did not get back to the ground. So I decided to make one of my own (coming soon). But... when you have a Mi-8, why not try to create a Mi-14? The Mi-14 is the amphibious version of Mi-8 and is missing in the MSFS world up to now, so it’s quite simple I thought ;-). Actually it was more work than I supposed... but here’s the result. Again there have been problems with the flight dynamics when I used Stemme based FDE’s but the Michael MacIntyres turbo prop MAIW FDE’s worked fine for me. Since they are his property and I could not get in contact with him, I can not upload them with my helicopters. Since I am no FDE guru, maybe some expert may write one and upload it.

But there is Flight One’s HeliTraffic 2009 which uses the real MSFS Helicopter FDE’s. I tested this with their demo and the Bell, and the helicopter worked fine, too. It also turned out, that even a bunch of 20 helicopters has no severe impact on the frame-rate.



For AI-traffic or HeliTraffic 2009 only.

FSDS V3.5 created 4 LOD visual model.

Built in take-off and landing animations for fixed-wing FDE’s.

Two visual models (Generic and Polish Navy).

Three liveries.

Layered Paint-Kit.



Simply unzip the contents of this archive to your FS-2004 aircraft folder.

Be sure, that “keep folders” is tagged in your zip program.

Activate the three helicopters in HeliTraffic 2009.

You may use it in random traffic or create scheduled flights in HeliTraffic 2009. That’s all.



Mil Mi-14 AI [4,23 Mb] [IN PREPARATION]